My human mom and dad picked Brooklyn for my name. I don't think it was because they rescued me from New York City's Brooklyn borough or even because my dad was raised in Brooklyn. I think it was because of my CONFIDENCE, my good attitude and always pushing the limits. All attributes of most of us native born New Yorkers. Whatever it was, I love my name. Read more »

My name is Alex, and I’m the loudest in the family. To get the attention of others around me, I bark, and I don’t stop barking until I get what I want.

I’ve got everyone in our family trained really well. If one of my brothers or sisters is in a place on the couch that I’d like to lay on, I bark. If they are on one of the dog beds that I want I bark. If they have a toy or something to chew on that I want I will bark until they give it up no matter how long it takes. Read more »

If it weren't for the Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc., (IMPS) a miniature pinscher rescue organization run entirely by volunteers, I would not exist today, at least not in this world. Either would thousands of other min pins that found themselves without a family or a home. Read more »

Did you know you can adopt a purebred dog from a shelter or a rescue? All five of us were adopted from a breed rescue called IMPS - Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. There are many breed rescues online. All you need to do is put your favorite breed, say "Poodle" along with the words "and rescue" in a search engine like Google

There is another great tool to help you find your Read more »

Hi! My name is Candice but I prefer to be called Kitty.

 I'm the newest and (cutest) addition to the family.

Instead of one favorite thing in the world which is food, any kind of food, I recently acquired another favorite thing. My new adoptive mom. Believe it or not, I choose her over food. I find that fascinating since food has always been my obsession. Read more »

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