Learning how to read and understand what your dog is saying is crucial to building a stronger bond with your dog. Understanding what your dog has to say doesn't take any mystical powers or magic. All it takes is observation skills and practice.

We have pulled together a quick list of the top 10 signals a dog will give when he is feeling threatened, conflicted and unsafe. By learning these calming signals, you can adjust what you are doing with your dog or remove him from the situation that is causing him to feel this way. Read more »

I get so excited when I see my Mom get out my football (Snack 'n Roll by Booda). It drives me wild even before I start playing with it.

My eyes focus in on it, and I start jumping for it. She laughs and tells me to sit. It takes all of my will power to sit still especially when I see her cut off the top of a bisquit. It has to be a certain size otherwise, she says, it will be too easy for me to get out the treat.

She can just barely stuff it into the football without breaking it. But now it is wedged into the middle of my football puzzle and we walk together into the office. Read more »

Wow! Today we played a strange game. At first I wasn't sure about it and just froze. When my human said "Go Wild" in a loud voice and flayed her arms around and kind of jumped up and down I just looked at her like she had "Gone Crazy." And then, oh man, it got interesting, she took off running (sorta) in the house because it was ice cold outside. We followed close and then she stopped suddenly and said "Freeze!!!" as soon as we froze, she clicked and gave us a yummy piece of natural venison jerky. Read more »

This morning we had to work for the second half of our breakfast. Some other dogs, without our raw min pin energy and drive, may have struggled with the chore, or given up after trying or not even bothered with the job in the first place. But I bet you any miniature pinscher would have gotten the job done until it was finished. Read more »

The young couple slipped me past the doorman underneath a coat. At first the couple was smitten with me. I was quiet, and a little shy at first. I hadn't found my voice yet. They called me their baby. Read more »

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