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I'm no longer the baby in the family. There is a new dog in town. His name is Buddy. He is 2 or 3 and acts like he is 1. He was found in a hunter's shed in North Carolina. The hunter and his wife tried to coax him out, but Buddy didn't let them get close until almost a month had gone by. He was skin and bones. They said he must have been out in the wild for months before they found him. He was being eaten alive inside and out by the fleas, ticks and worms that had taken over his body.  Read more »

I just love my voice. It makes my mommy and daddy pay attention to me. I like to warn them of danger whether it is a squirrel or the man in the uniform that drops off boxes at our front door. Read more »

My name is Alex, and I’m the loudest in the family. To get the attention of others around me, I bark, and I don’t stop barking until I get what I want.

I’ve got everyone in our family trained really well. If one of my brothers or sisters is in a place on the couch that I’d like to lay on, I bark. If they are on one of the dog beds that I want I bark. If they have a toy or something to chew on that I want I will bark until they give it up no matter how long it takes. Read more »

The young couple slipped me past the doorman underneath a coat. At first the couple was smitten with me. I was quiet, and a little shy at first. I hadn't found my voice yet. They called me their baby. Read more »

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