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To Richard, the only one on earth who understood me.

Please let me heal your broken heart like you healed mine when you adopted me.

You adopted me when no one else wanted me. They said I was unpredictable and unadoptable because I bit people. I was too much of a liability to be adopted out. 

Yes, I know they said I was mean, vicious and couldn't be trusted but you, Richard, saw it wasn't anger driving me to bite. It was fear.  Read more »

Wow! Today we played a strange game. At first I wasn't sure about it and just froze. When my human said "Go Wild" in a loud voice and flayed her arms around and kind of jumped up and down I just looked at her like she had "Gone Crazy." And then, oh man, it got interesting, she took off running (sorta) in the house because it was ice cold outside. We followed close and then she stopped suddenly and said "Freeze!!!" as soon as we froze, she clicked and gave us a yummy piece of natural venison jerky. Read more »

My proper name is Maxamillion but I get called Maximan, Maxie or just plain Max by those that love me. I was labeled "the biter," and was adopted by my human parents because it wasn't ethical for them to adopt me out to the public after I bit my foster mom's hand numerous times in what is called a number 4 bite. A number 4 bite is when you bite multiple times, draw blood and still do not back down. Or something like that. I just know it is the second to the worst bite a dog can do to another being.

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