I'm REALLY Itchy

Do I look like the type to have allergies. I didn't think so. But I do have allergies. My skin itches. Even scratching doesn't relieve my itch. It only makes it worse.

I think I started itching when I had to eat dry food while on vacation last week. Or it could have been the pollen and heat that started this itchy rash on my tummy.

 Well, I just had a bath with a medicated shampoo that smells so good. I like my baths and no one can believe it since I fight tooth and nail to get out of having my nails trimmed. I patiently stand while I'm lathered up and stand still for five minutes until I get rinsed.

The rinsing is the part I could do without. When I am rinsed I try to wiggle out of my mom's arms. She gets sopping wet when I do this but I don't care. I think it is kind of funny even. We both get a bath.

My favorite part is being wrapped in a towel and dried. It just feels good. I feel better now too.

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