Name That Hound!

Did you just adopt a dog with a name that reminds you of someone or something from the past that you'd like to keep in the past?  Or maybe it is a silly name that would embarrass you to say out loud at a dog park when you call for your dog.

If you don't like your new dog's name, change it. Does your new dog care if you change his name? Most likely not. Chances are he doesn't even know the name the shelter or rescue organization gave him yet. Or maybe he is ready to forget his past and old name and start fresh with a new name and a new beginning.

Your dog will learn to love his new name as you click and treat him every time he looks at you when you say his name. He knows his name means you are going to give him a reward, whether it is a tasty bite of a turkey hot dog, or some ball throwing time or some petting.

Don't let a dog's name keep you from adopting a dog you are interested in. Look beyond his name, knowing you can change it.

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