Introducing Kitty!

Hi! My name is Candice but I prefer to be called Kitty.

 I'm the newest and (cutest) addition to the family.

Instead of one favorite thing in the world which is food, any kind of food, I recently acquired another favorite thing. My new adoptive mom. Believe it or not, I choose her over food. I find that fascinating since food has always been my obsession.

I'll be checking in again soon with more - like how my pumpkin diet is coming along,  and how my mom is teaching me all sorts of new behaviors. She also tries to keep me from picking up the bad behaviors of the boys, my new brothers.

Oh yeah, my brothers. Wait until you hear about how we all get along. I bet they will try to spin it around in their favor but just believe what I say.  I always tell the truth.


 Let me leave you with these pictures of me. I'm the one in pink. Where are their dresses?

Can you tell I don't like to be dressed up in girly girl clothes? But I like to WIN!




She is precious!

What a sweetheart.


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